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A Note From Our Owner


Jaime Fagan, Owner

I'm Jaime, and thank you for considering my services. I’ve been a bookkeeper for over 13 years, working under CPA’s and, most recently, EA’s (Enrolled Agents). My clients have ranged from sole proprietor starter companies with less than $50,000 gross income to large multi million dollar corporations.  For 5 of those years I managed the bookkeeping department for a local tax firm, handling the bookkeeping needs of over 75 clients.


My skills range from shoe boxes filled with receipts and notes on napkins, to year end clean up and all the way to QuickBooks setup and consultation. I absolutely love what I do. I love creating something from nothing, cleaning up neglected books, and helping clients get on track. How can you know where you can go if you don’t know where you’ve been?


If you think you and your business could benefit from my services, please reach out. There’s no need to be afraid or embarrassed about the current state of your books, or the lack thereof. This is what I do. What I love to do. You’re the master of your craft - let me be the master of mine. I'll help you gain control and insight into the financial status of your business, help you maintain your books, and, best of all, provide you peace of mind.

Lauren Weldon


Lauren has been with The Bookkeeper for almost a year.  She has been an integral part of client management and technology.  We’re excited to have her on our team; if you’re looking for someone to help keep your books clean and organized, she’s your person!  Lauren takes pride in her organizational and detail-oriented skills.  She loves the puzzle of making everything match and balance.

In Lauren’s free time she enjoys spending time with her two daughters, husband, cat and dog.  She enjoys the ocean, ATVing, swimming, boating, basically anything involving being outside in the warm weather!


Forensic Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping isn't just about accounting for income and tracking expenses; it's compiling the whole financial picture.  To do this, our team takes traditional bookkeeping to the next level. 

Our in-depth forensic bookkeeping leaves no room for guessing, we track all income and expenses back to the source. We have the experience and aptitude to forensically analyze clients' books to find anomalies and provide you with the financial peace of mind you've been looking for.


Unmatched Efficiency

Books are a numbers game, and it's a game we play very well. In addition to our collective accounting expertise, we use technology, like QuickBooks, Dropbox, and LastPass, to make the bookkeeping process as efficient as possible, for both us and you.

Efficiency on our end save you time and money.

Knowledge From Reliable People

When you choose to work with The Bookkeeper, you're working with real people who understand what's at stake when it comes to choosing the right service for your business. We are here for you not only as bookkeepers, but also as invaluable resources for the best times, and uncertain times, in your business.

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